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Get Fit with ME

Helping you crush your health goals while enjoying your wine & cheese, or, beer & pizza!

My passion is here, with you. Sharing fitness, nutrition, mindset, accountability, and real-life struggles that reminds us that we are all human. If I’ve learned one thing it’s that we are never alone, and are never the only person having these struggles.


Certifications & Degrees:

  • Bachelors of Science; Exercise Science & Health Science 

  • Double minor in nutrition and community health

  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

  • TRX Certified Suspension Trainer

  • SASTM (Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) Certified



Strength Training

Balanced Diets

Intentional Movement

Celebrating the WINS

My Values & Beliefs

Everybody is Different


We are all different, what works for one person, may not work for another. That’s why we pride ourselves on no cookie-cutter programs. Everything we do is designed specifically for you, or your team. We do this by getting a real understanding of what your life looks like currently and making adjustments and changes from where you are now that will lead you to where you want to be!

Your Health Doesn't Have an End Date


We get so caught up in strict diets and programs that when we aren’t following them we don’t see results or, as soon as we stop following them our bodies go back to what they were before. It’s time to ditch the diet, ditch the short-term changes, and stop putting an end date on your healthy habits. Start playing the long game, your journey is not a sprint it’s a marathon so your changes need to be sustainable long term which means they take time to build and investing long term in yourself will allow you to see what you are truly capable of!

Curiosity Encouraged

Ask questions, ask why, questions are always welcome. If we truly understand the why and the how behind what we are doing, the chances of it working and sticking to it long-term are much higher. Don’t be afraid to try something different, learn a new skill, try a new move, or cook a different way. LIFE IS ABOUT EXPLORING AND TRYING EVERYTHING AT LEAST TWICE!

You Are Not Defined by Your Body


We are so much more than our physical bodies. The best parts of each of us are the ones we can’t see. People don’t notice the things that we tend to beat ourselves up about such as the arm flab when you wave, really people notice our personality, our excitement to see them, and our energy! We have one life, and it’s meant to be spent doing what you love. Be confident, be strong, be bold, be YOU!

The Power of Community


Everything's better together. Think about your best moments in life—I’d bet good money that they include other people, family, kids, friends, co-workers, etc. Even the most introverted people still have a group of people cheering them on. Community support is often the most important part of our journey—it’s the motivation at the beginning, the accountability keeping us going, and the celebration of our milestones and accomplishments. So let’s not do it alone. Let’s do it together. Celebrate those WINS with others!



My favorite combos are Michelob Ultra with pineapple & ham pizza, or, red wine with a big medium rare steak. I love traveling, especially flying!! Seeing the world, being by the water, in the sun,  exploring, hiking, biking, eating, and drinking

Fun fact: I’ve ran two 25ks (15.2 miles), and a half marathon was an amazing experience!

Boring fact: I love grocery shopping and meal prepping.

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