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Get Fit with ME

Helping you crush your health goals while enjoying your wine & cheese, or, beer & pizza!

Invest in the whole health of your team, during our corporate wellness programs each event and program is tailored to you. Our programs range:

  • 30 minute lunch and learn

  • 1-3 day in-person immersive retreat experience

  • 90 minute speaking engagements that get you and the team moving, interacting and applying things

  • Topics covered can range

    • Nutrition​

    • Exercise

    • Mindset

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100% Personalized

Recipes & On-Site Cooking

Sleep & Stress Management

Productivity & Planning

Daily Healthy Habit Implementation

Our Clients Say

"Thank you! Thank you for taking a chance on the PDPW group and working with us at the Business Conference. It certainly hit the mark for those that engaged with you! You make planning our sessions and details fun and easy!"

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