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Online Fitness & Accountability Coach

Helping you crush your health goals while enjoying your wine & cheese, or, beer & pizza!

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I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Morgan Ekovich and I am the owner and head trainer of Get Fit with ME. I’m from Mason, Michigan and currently still reside in Lansing, MI. My passion lies in helping busy moms create a healthy lifestyle they love without having to give up their wine & cheese or beer & pizza!

I want to encourage and support busy moms and professionals to make their health a priority, and to put themselves first while keeping things simple and not taking up more of their time. 


I want Get Fit with ME to represent a strong, confident, hardworking group of busy moms and professionals. I hope you’ll join us!

What Do We Offer?

7-Day Meal Prep & Planning Bootcamp - Rachel Herman

“I enjoyed that I could do the boot camp when it was convenient for me during the day, not at a set time. I liked that she gave some snack and meal options and was really encouraging on taking what works best for our family right now! I feel more motivated to continue this on and that it will help reduce some stress around meal planning."

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